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Although you may never have heard of Paterson, New Jersey, the city has a remarkable distinction. It has the second highest number of hotels in the United States, lagging only behind New York City with more than 1,000 hotels and restaurants.

Tucked away in the heart of Paterson, New Jersey, just a few blocks from the coast, the Tudor Mansion is a fairytale home that can transform a small child into the dream of a bride and groom. It is one of the most beautiful places in New York City and a great place for a day hike or picnic. Castle Skylands Manor is set in a formal, naturalized garden within the New Jersey Botanical Garden. Skyland Manor must be the best of them all - it is an estate surrounding the castle and houses the largest collection of gardens in North America with more than 1,000 acres of trees, plants and flowers.

The property is located in Ringwood State Park, which is part of the New Jersey Botanical Garden, the largest botanical garden in North America. The 96 acres surrounding Skylands Manor were designated "New Jersey Botanical Gardens" in 1984, and the best price for Skyland Manor, located in Ringwoods State Park, is in a section called "Skylands," which consists of 1,119 acres. This is the property that Francis Lynde Stetson (1846 - 1920) built as a pioneering farm in the Ramapo Mountains.

Located in Ringwood State Park, the New Jersey Botanical Gardens include a 96-acre special garden surrounding Skylands Manor and the adjacent 1,119 acres. The public is only allowed to enter the mansion 15 days a year, and Tuesdays are the only day of the year when it is open for public viewing.

Get a little more shopping time at Westfield Garden State Plaza, located in the heart of New Jersey's largest shopping mall and district. Skylands Manor is located just blocks from the Jersey City Convention Center. This bed and breakfast is one of the most popular hotels in North Jersey and the only one in Jersey.

When you sit down to learn more, look for a fully renovated historic building where you can sit down and more. This is the completely renovated home on Rd. Home is listed on Homes Listing and is located just blocks from the Jersey City Convention Center and Garden State Plaza.

This 1909 farmhouse has been fully renovated and is listed for $389,900. It is located just blocks from the Jersey City Convention Center and Garden State Plaza.

The rooms are not your run-of-the-mill getaway, but they have done their best to include a spacious presidential suite with its own private whirlpool and a jetted tub right in the room for maximum privacy. Guests staying at the Best Western will find a room with a fireplace, spa bath and private balcony overlooking the Hudson River. This is a luxury B & B, so why is it any different?

If you are traveling in Wayne, New Jersey and looking for a Wayne, New Jersey hotel, look no further than Baymont Inn & Suites. Located nearby Pompton Plains NJ and conveniently located off a major NJ highway, this hotel offers guests the convenience of a It is your choice of hotel when you visit the area. Whether you are in Wayne for business or pleasure, let this hotel be your choice if you are looking for business and leisure. If you are looking for hotels in and around Wayne NJ, they have all of the wonderful amenities you will have to offer during your stay.

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More About Paterson