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If you ever imagined your wedding as a great cocktail hour, here's how and where to do it in New Jersey. There are so many great ways to make the wedding of your dreams, but as you've probably already figured out, getting married in and out of New York City can be an expensive place. While "affordable" is relative and means something different to the next bride, there are many beautiful places in the state where you and your partner can get married and keep your budget in check.

Located just 10 minutes from the shore, this Days Hotel offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremonies. The large ballroom overlooking the sea is the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony or reception or even just a private celebration.

Each room has Wi-Fi and guests have access to a small gym with strength and cardio equipment. The hotel offers photocopying and fax services, dry cleaning, laundry and parking. For added convenience in the area, the hotel has a PATH train station located next to the hotel, so valet parking is available daily. Each room at Days Hotel has a private dining room overlooking the PATH station next door.

The bathtub in the master bath South Plainfield is large enough for 2 people, and the separate tunnel coding allows multiple hotel laundry to be washed simultaneously.

The standard and comfortable rooms offer a variety of amenities such as hot water, air conditioning and air conditioning. The hotel offers room service at Harismus Cove Bar & Grill, which serves modern American cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a small restaurant serving breakfast and dinner, as well as a full service bar and a restaurant in the lobby.

The hotel offers a limited shuttle service to the surrounding area on weekdays and has access to five hotels in the immediate vicinity. The Exchange Place area is full of restaurants and shops, including the Newport Centre Mall ( The hotel has a full-service restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as room service.

Jersey City has its own thriving financial district anchored by Exchange Place, home to the New Jersey Museum of Art and the Met Breuer Museum on Madison Avenue. The area is home to one of the largest art galleries in the world, and Jersey City's own museum, the Metropolitan Art Museum, is one of its main attractions. The museum opened in 2006 as the Met and Breuer Museum on Madison Avenue and has since expanded its program of modern and contemporary art.

The Radisson Hotel's ballroom offers a variety of events, from private parties to private dinners and special events. The newly renovated ballrooms offer stunning views of the Hudson River and the Jersey City skyline. The historic landmark, owned by the New Jersey Westin Hotel Group and its parent company, offers wedding facilities including a private reception room, private dining rooms and a full-service bar.

It is equipped with amenities such as a jet-set hot tub, a private dining room and a full-service bar. Enjoy views of the Hudson River and Jersey City skyline, as well as the city skyline from your bedroom. The Radisson Hotel New Jersey Westin Hotel consists of more than 1,000 guest rooms, suites and hotels in the United States.

Featuring free HBO movie channels and Wi-Fi, this hotel is just a 6-minute drive from New York City. Double Tree Hotel Suites is located about six blocks from Exchange Place and offers junior and premium suites. It offers a living space that feels more like an apartment than a hotel room. Located about three blocks from Exchange Place, the suites offer a Junior Premium Suite with bar, private dining room and private pool.

The 10-hectare property features a private pool, private dining room, tent terrace and private pool. The new clubhouse offers an indoor / outdoor pool with a full bar, a fitness center and a sports hall.

The Paterson New Jersey Westin Hotel is available for advance bookings at a rate of $1,000 per night, $2,500 per day and $3,400 per week.

The Best Western offers rooms with a fireplace, hot tub and a luxurious B & B with views of the Paterson skyline and Hudson River.

Set on 150 hectares of grounds, this classic country club overlooks a golf course and a lake. The upscale ballroom at Doubletree offers beautiful views of the Hudson River, the Paterson skyline and the city skyline. Only one wedding after another is celebrated in this family - in ballrooms and venues in the city center.

Most honeymooners and couples want more than just a hot tub and pool, so we have done our best to add a room that is not your run - or - the - mill weekend getaway, but has a jetting tub right in the room for maximum privacy. The spacious Presidential Suite features its own private spa and bathtub, and you can enjoy a hand-picked selection of the most luxurious amenities in this jetted bathtub suite. Why it's different: We've done everything, including a full-service spa, a private pool and hot tub, and the option of having a jetting tub in your right room with maximum privacy.

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