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Paterson, New Jersey is a long established Middle Eastern community in the heart of New York City. This pretty little park is less than 15 miles from New York and is right next to America's first manufacturing center known as Paterson NJ. Jersey Waterfalls are a cascade that is hidden deep in a forest and along coastal paths, and a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the park.

The American Revolution was founded by the proponents of American industrial independence from Europe, including statesman Alexander Hamilton, who saw the Great Falls of Passaic fall 21 meters into the Atlantic.

For a time, the local Paterson mills were powered by the waterfalls that eventually maintained the local water supply - the city's cotton mill. With the power the Falls provide, Paterson can draw on locomotives, some of which were manufactured outside the United States until the early 1880s. At that time, the Paterson case was bedridden with enough water to produce enough cotton for cotton factories in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

The Passaic River flows through Paterson and this helped power many of the factories, but forget the size east of Mississippi, which is surpassed only by Niagara. My most recent visit started with a walk across the newly opened bridge over the river and then down to the waterfalls. I walked a block to see the waterfalls, and then I walked the upper runway that takes you up and down with the locomotives. There is always a side that you can reach and it is only a few blocks from the main street of the city.

The area around Paterson's Great Falls was designated a Historic National Park, although it was not recognized as such until 2011. The National Park Service recognized the natural beauty and historical importance of the region so much that it created a new park around it to celebrate the agency's centennial. The paths are open and you have a wonderful view of the historic buildings of Paterson.

The city is named after New Jersey Governor William Paterson, who is also known as the first governor of the United States and second governor of the state of New York. The city was named in honor of his son, William J. Paterson, who was the company's founder and chairman. This company was founded in 1791 by the New Jersey Legislature as a company to establish a useful manufacturing company (SUM).

The city of Paterson was founded in 1792 by a company that considered Great Falls to be one of the first planned industrial cities in the United States and the city to be the capital of New Jersey. She enjoyed success and was soon to establish herself as a wealthy city due to her proximity to New York City and her location near the river.

My impression of Paterson is that it is a city that has gone through some difficult times and is trying to revive itself. Although it has a reputation for being a criminal city, it is not quite as bad as many suburbs suggest.

I would say the key areas will be the city center, the New Jersey Museum of Art and the Paterson Public Library. We also had a snack to finish the day and went to some of the local restaurants in the area as well as a few local bars and restaurants.

If you cannot visit Paterson Great Falls in person, see its website for more information. With the help of this comprehensive list, we took the opportunity to fill West Paterson with some of our favorite places in town, such as the New Jersey Museum of Art and the Public Library. Follow us on Facebook and sign up for our TAPintoPaterson E-News Alerts to be the first to read about all Pat Emerson's things.

Simply download our map of West Paterson, New Jersey, which is easy to access when traveling over the Internet. If you are looking for more information about places you want to visit, we have the directions you can find and save for future use.

All persons or groups planning a trip should consult the DCD website for up-to-date travel advice on travel restrictions. Passaic County, followed by Paterson City, then New Jersey State and finally Jersey City.

Most crimes in Paterson are known to be committed in certain sections, 12th Ave and Hamilton Ave are sometimes unsafe, and crime and drugs are common in these sections. Participating communities are Jersey City, Passaic County, New Jersey State and New York State.

It was found to have spilled into adjacent Clifton and closed for a period of time due to flooding on Sunday 2 May 2012.

If you are in the area and need a place to stretch your legs and your mind, there is no better place to stop than at the waterfalls. Whether you're just looking for an outdoor activity near the city or just taking a walk, this is a great place to spend a few hours.

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More About Paterson